Pedagogical team

A EURODOC producer is someone who is inspired by a love for cinema, but also by a strong desire to play an active role in her/his society, with the belief that creative documentary filmmaking addresses the others in terms of sharing outlooks and knowledge.

The members of the pedagogical team are professionals internationally reknown, with different profiles covering a wide range of activities (programming, distribution, production).

THE LOCAL GROUP LEADER: for every session, we identify a different group leader, usually a EURODOC graduate with a long experience. The group leader for the local group is chosen following different criteria, such as the language and on the production panorama of the hosting country. Our pedagogical approach pays particular attention to the profound changes affecting the documentary production sector.

EURODOC’s pedagogical comitee is composed of:



Jacques Bidou

Producer (JBA Production, France)

member of the pedagogical comitee

Jacques has produced more than 120 films, both documentaries and fiction, presented and awarded in the most important film festivals worldwide such as Chroniques Sud-Africaines, Diario en Medellin or Carnets d’un Combattant Kurde. As a producer of fiction, he has contributed to reveal talents such as Rithy Panh, Merzak Allouache or Pablo Agüero. As a graduate from INSAS in Brussels, he has been the administrator of the FEMIS school as well as a founding member of EURODOC, of which he has been the Head of Studies for 15 years. He has been the Director of Studies for Docmed and a Group Leader for EAVE Greece and President of the Ateliers Varan for 8 years.

Heino Deckert

Producer/Distributor (, Germany)

member of the pedagogical comitee & English-Speaking Group Leader

Heino is a producer and the managing director of Filmproduktion and Fiction and is a shareholder of Blinker Filmproduktion, he also is the CEO of Deckert Distribution. He has produced more than 120 award-winning documentaries with directors like Victor Kossakovsky, Sergei Loznitsa and Thomas Heise. Being in the business for years, he has gained an excellent inside knowledge of the documentary market. He regularly lectures on production and distribution. He was the chairman of the European Documentary Network (EDN) from 2006-2008.

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