Executive Seminars

The EURODOC Executive Seminar is designed to reinforce exchange, transmission and reflection on the role of commissioning executives and professionals in the documentary field for the development of documentaries.


Headed during several years by Erkki ASTALA, the head of co-productions at YLE Television (Finland) and Thierry GARREL, the former head of the Documentary Programme Unit at ARTE France, these two one-week seminars offered a unique opportunity for open discussions on facilitating the creation and dissemination of documentaries.

The seminar is now a one-day meeting held during the third session of the annual programme.

Commissioning editors from public broadcasters discuss the importance of television and creative documentary for civil society in the digital era, today and in the future. How can public television foster new partnerships? The objective is to support the emergence of a new generation of commissioning editors and fund executives aware of the ongoing changes in the documentary sector.

Executive Seminar 2019
Executive Seminar 2018

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