Local workshops

The local workshops are an intensive 1-week insight into the EURODOC programme.                   
A first step into international production. 


Open to producers from France (Hauts-de-France region), Belgium, and Luxembourg with a documentary project in developement 

In parallel with every session of the Annual Program, in the same premices, EURODOC organizes a 5-day-long workshop which welcomes a group of 10-12 producers based in the country hosting the training. Depending on the context, the group may also welcome producers from neighboring regions (Benelux, Mediterranean Islands, etc.). These shorter workshops offer an intensive insight into the Annual Program and share the same teaching methods. Several masterclasses and case studies are open the groupe, and get-together moments are planned everyday to mix the Annual Program cohort and the Local Workshop cohort. 

  • Project-holders:  The producers and filmmakers from the host region/country of the yearly programme sessions are eligible for these one-week intensive workshops.
  • Professionals from the documentary industry: Representatives from regional film funds or regional TV channels may attend as observers

Selected participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive in-depth feedback and advice from an experienced producer and tutor
  • Access masterclasses with the yearly programme participants
  • Attend case studies, followed by extended Q&As on the production process of the films and their distribution
  • Network with European and international documentary professionals attending the EURODOC yearly Programme

During this one-week workshop, the participants will be provided with a deep insight into the European documentary production field and the different possibilities for co-operation and co-production.


Unless specifically stated otherwise, the workshop will be fully in English. The application dossiers have to be written in English.  


The local workshop is supported by our session-hosting partners. Local participants will have 100% of the pedagogical fee and 70% of their accommodation covered by EURODOC and by the Partner hosting the session.

  • Workshop in Ajaccio (Corsica, France), from March 21 to 25, reserved for documentary professionals based in Corsica (France), Mallorca (Spain), Sardinia and Sicily (Italy) & Portuguese Islands. The call for applications is now closed. 
  • Workshop in Mallorca (Spain), from May 30 to June 4, reserved for documentary professionals based in Spain, Mallorca and the Spanish islands, Corsica (France), Sardinia and Sicily (Italy), Portuguese Islands and Malta. The call for applications is now closed. 
  • Workshop in Hauts-de-France (France), from October 3 to 8, reserved for documentary professionals based in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. The call for applications is open: APPLY HERE

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