La nature très intense de la formation EURODOC contribue à favoriser les échanges entre participants et entre participants et experts.

À court terme, le participant développe un projet susceptible d'intéresser des partenaires internationaux. Parallèlement, les participants développe un réseau d'environ 130 professionnels de près de 20 pays différents, qu'ils rencontreront au cours du programme annuel, ce qui leur donnera un accès privilégié aux principaux acteurs du marché du documentaire.

À plus long terme, ils sont en mesure de définir une stratégie de développement international pour leurs productions ainsi que pour leurs sociétés.

La formation est un véritable accélérateur pour le développement de carrière. Les participants acquièrent des compétences leur permettant de développer des projets ambitieux et des stratégies pour leur entreprise en dehors de leurs marchés nationaux.

Les anciens participants comptent parmi les principaux acteurs du secteur actuel du documentaire européen, avec des films présentés dans les principaux festivals de films (Festival de Cannes, Berlinale, Festival de Venise…), dans les festivals de documentaires les plus pertinents.

EURODOC a toujours été caractérisé par le pourcentage élevé de films achevés avec succès : environ 80% des projets de films des participants sont produits à l’issue du programme de formation. Plus de 60% des participants ont développé plus de 5 projets documentaires après avoir participé à EURODOC et 30% ont produit entre 2 et 4 projets. 82% des anciens participants ont coproduit avec 2 à 5 pays (47% avec 5 pays et plus). 68 pays sont représentés dans ces coproductions : 25 de l'UE, 43 hors de l'UE.

Chaque année, environ 20 films qui sont passés par la formation sont terminés, coproduits, sélectionnés et récompensés dans les plus prestigieux festivals à travers le monde. Egalement, plus de 25 projets sont chaque année sélectionnés dans des marchés pour des pitchs devant les professionels de l'industrie. 



Eurodoc was one of the best training I followed. It has been extremely helpful on both levels: development of my project and my own professional development. Very grateful I did, and I really hope it will go on for many years. It makes the field of European independent documentary production healthier, stronger and more meaningful. 
(Jean-Laurent Csinidis - FILMS DE FORCE MAJEURE - France)

It was one of the most valuable professional experiences of my career so far. Knowledge gained, friendships made and an international of producers now within contact. I have already begun some international coproductions with other participants. THANK YOU EURODOC! 
(Ruth REID - United Kingdom/Sweden)

Eurodoc training has already made a great impact on my work: I am working at the project of another Eurodoc’s participant and also I am thinking of co-producing my own projects with other people from Eurodoc. A network has been clearly established for future projects. 
(Constanza Sanz Palacios - CONSTANZA SANZ PALACIOS FILMS SRL - Argentina)

Eurodoc has given me access to a new network of potential co-producer and broadcasters, and the training has been helping our project a lot. Now, I feel more confident developing other projects.
(Adam Pajot Gendron - TORTUGA FILMS - Canada)

I've been part of a few trainings/workshops, but this one stands out, both when it comes to quality and intensity/time. Great to have a group leader/expert/mentor that always pushes you to take a step further (persistent that it always can be better), and that has definitely had an impact - eye openers - when it comes to which way one can go financially, but also when it comes to how to write an treatment and present your project. I believe my work now is more focused and clear than before.
(Sturla Pilskog - BLÅST FILM – Norway)

Eurodoc proved that 9 month period can be super efficient to start from an idea to a clear cut proposal to present it. Also the network of colleagues is a must and with it the shared knowledge. 
(Kristof Bilsen – LIMERCIK FILMS - Belgium)

I definitely learned a lot. Especially from the insider information that our tutor was sharing from the decades of his personal experience, and also while listening about development strategies of other projects. And I met people that will collaborate in the future, actually several producers from Eurodoc, both from English and French group are involved in my projects already. 
(Mladen Kovacevic - HOROPTER FILM PRODUCTION - Serbia)

EURODOC has accelerated my knowledge of documentary production. It gave me a deep knowledge of how the industry works, how I should prepare my project dossier, where to go with my project, and at which stage. EURODOC gave me unique information about the relevant situations in the film industry.
(Alina Gorlova - TABOR - Ukraine) 

Eurodoc helped me a lot to consolidate my skills on the co-productions and to give me an overview of what the international market is. 
(Barbara Conforti - MAGNETO - France)

Incredible. The excellence of the exchanges with the experts cover a wide range of feedbacks at the time the high-profile of the experts was astonishing, not only concerned to the projects in EURODOC but as an opportunity to meet the top decision-makers with a time that would have been impossible to get in a different situation.
(Federico Delpero Bejar – PROXEMICA - Spain)

Very interesting experts! Great that we could have the OTO with the commissioning editors, who can really make decisions. Good mix!
(Magalie Dierick – CASSETTES FOR TIMESCAPE - Belgium)

My network of international producers and contacts has grown bigger and faster than I could have imagined, and I really feel I am at least starting to understand the market. The stamp of Eurodoc on a Producer / Project is also really valuable.
(Beth Allan – THE FOREST OF BLACK - United Kingdom)

I consider EURODOC as a career challenger, booster activity and network builder. I learned a lot, experienced thoughts in a small safe environment in our groups. Now I will just put it in practice.
(Cristina Ceausu – ADENIUM FILM - Romania)

EURODOC had a strong and positive impact on my work as producer. As I am in a early stage of my career, Eurodoc helped me a lot to improve the creative skills needed to accompany the projects. Also the training gave me more self-confidence in dealing with directors and other producers. Another aspect that was really meaningful for me was the ethics of production that Jacques shared with us, it was really a reference in the way of working and dealing with creative and financial issues.
(Margot Mecca – MALFE FILM - Italy)

I’ve got a new network of partners in Europe, and in just a couple of days my company has been identified by at least fifteen distributors/broadcasters.
(Eugénie Michel-Villette – LES FILMS DU BILBOQUET - France)

Eurodoc not only help me to go further with my project but also allow me to find other projects that I co-produce.
(Heejung Oh – SEESAW PICTURES - South Korea)

I feel I have become a producer with 15 years of experience in the industry during one single year! And I am not even talking about all the crucial contacts (not only experts, but my friends and colleagues – the other participants).
(Katerina Traburova – NUTPRODUKCE - Czech Republic)

It was the priceless experience, valuable contacts and great ideas for the projects progress.
(Olga Beskhmelnytsina – MAGIKA FILMS - Ukraine)

Eurodoc provided us with a great stepping-stone for our projects and most certainly with great contacts and instruction.

I found coproducer for couple of my projects from EURODOC. And actually, two co-producers for one of my projects. So, this benefitted me even for other projects than the one I participated with. I got really good ideas for the films dramaturgy that we are now testing with the director and most important thing is that we found a co-writer for the project via EURODOC.
(Marianne Mäkelä - NAPA FILMS - Finland)

Having this deep exchange about development / writing/ relation to story and author got me so much closer to content of the work itself. Now I also have a very nice network I can work with in the future.
(Lucie Rego – Hutong Productions, France)


It was very impressive to see those number of great projects in the same place. I believe that most of them will make well in the festivals. Thanks again for making the 3 sessions as perfect as they were.
(Muhammad Refaat – Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, Qatar)

En tant que rédactrice, de nombreuses infos entendues à Eurodoc me seront utiles et aidantes dans le cadre de futures coproductions. Plus concrètement, je suis entrain de faire une coproduction pour une série web avec l'un des participants d’Eurodoc.
(Anne-Laure Gougeon - ARTE GEIE - France)

This training was intense, concrete, rich. It allows everyone to move forward in their projects, to confront them with the eyes of others, to create links, partnerships... We feel like we belong to a family, that we do not want to leave.
(Sabine Brantus-Lauffer - ARTE G.E.I.E. - France) 


I love Eurodoc, because the 45 minutes is just the right time to get to know each other, the project, and then in the last 15 minutes to do some real brainstorming. So, for me it is not just informative, but also creative, and I love that, it is fun. I am looking forward to our further collaboration.
(Hanka Kastelicaova - HBO EUROPE - Czech Republic) 

My meetings were great! It was a total pleasure participating this year. Looking forward to future editions in person!
(Hajnal Molnar-Szakacs - SUNDANCE - USA) 

J'ai trouvé les projets vraiment super. Le panel d'esperts et les producteurs sont d'une qualité exceptionnelle ! Merci de me m'avoir permis d'en faire partie.
(Anna Berthollet - LIGHTBOX - Switzerland)

We’ve really loved meeting everyone and hearing more about these projects. Thanks for everything. You guys are amazing!
(Fiona Lawson-Baker - AL JAZEERA ENGLISH CHANNEL - Qatar) 

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