Structure & Methodology

EURODOC training is organized in 3 one-week residential sessions in 3 different European countries, spread over one year.

During the first 2 sessions, participants work within the groups and with experts on script analysis, development and production financing, legal aspects of co-production, marketing, pitching, packaging and more.  In the third workshop, 25 to 28 Experts (commissioning editors, festival programmers, funds representatives, sales agents, etc.) meet the participants in one-to-one meetings to discuss the projects.


6 days (50 hours) / March

The first session focuses on analysing each of the participants’ projects in terms of script and development in order to consolidate their overall consistency. Individual meetings with experts support this group work. During this session, filmmakers can take part in the individual meetings and the discussion of their projects in the working groups together with their producers. The plenary sessions cover issues such as storytelling and narrative structure, the relationship between the editor, filmmaker and the producer, intellectual property rights, the acquisition of rights and the sourcing of development funding. Two case studies are organized, as well as a master class with the Filmmaker Mentor of the Year.


Coproduction, Financing & Packaging 
6 days (50 hours) / June

During this session, the participants finalize the packaging of their projects and focuse on:
- Budgeting: definition of artistic ambitions of the project and its production mode;
- Financing: identification of the diverse partners capable of co-financing, on a national and international level;
- Packaging: preparation of the dossier in terms of creative, technical, legal and financial aspects;
- Co-producing: to reach different agreements and contracts that are compatible with each other.
The participants also work on the production of trailers. A debate is organized with distributors, on the changing trends of the documentary film market, the festival’s circuit, theatrical distribution, Internet, new modes of consumption and emerging markets. 


Meetings with experts
6 days (50 hours) / October

This session is mainly dedicated to the one-to-one meetings with experts. For 3 days, individual meetings of 45‘each are organized for the participants with the experts whose profiles are considered most relevant to provide an appraisal of their project and advice for its development. Around 400 one-to-one meetings are organised between the Tuesday and the Friday. These meetings are intensively prepared during the first 2 days of the session in the groups with the tutor. All the decision-makers invited present the editorial lines and eventually the financial capacities of their channels. Two case studies are presented. Plenaries focus on company management, current trends in the documentary film market, and interesting new or alternative distribution models.

  • Group work: 2 groups of 12/13 producers with projects and 2/3 participants from documentary departments of TV channels and Funds are established – one English-speaking group and one French-speaking group.
  • A 3rd group, composed in each session of producers from the host country, joins the program to attend an intensive version of the workshop.
  • Expert assessment: in each session, experts hold individual meetings with the participants in order to analyze their projects: during the first session, the scripts are treated, during the second session the budget and the production strategy. During the last session, over 400 individual meetings are organized between the participants and the experts (around 20/25 between commissioning editors, distributors, sales agents, film funds representatives, festival programmers and curators, producers and filmmakers)
  • Plenaries sessions & Masterclass: different topics – from the artistic to the financial development- are treated: documentary storytelling, author’s rights, financing schemes, production, co-production, pitching, company management, distribution, alternative distribution, sales, impact production etc.
  • Case studies: screenings of creative documentaries (mostly produced by Eurodoc alumni) are organized, followed by a Q&A with filmmaker, producer(s) and main financiers of the film. During the discussion, the co-production process is analyzed in depth, as well as its artistic approach.

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