Local Workshop

During each session, EURODOC welcomes a group of 10-12 producers based in the country hosting the training. They join the session to attend an intensive version of the workshop. Their training is provided free of charge within the framework of the agreement with each of our session-hosting partners. Local participants also have 70% of their accommodation covered by EURODOC and by the Partner hosting the session.

© GAME GIRLS by Alina Skrzeszewska. EURODOC PROJECT in 2013 (Produire en Région). Produced by Jean-Laurent Csinidis (Films de Force Majeure, France) and Meike Martens (Blinker FilmProduktion, Germany).

Through its local groups EURODOC has contributed to developing and reinforcing the skills of professionals seeking to work internationally on creative and ambitious projects who are able to co-produce with different countries and work with people coming from different cultures. 

The producers from the host region/country are selected for the one-week workshop. They work on the development of their projects with the tutor in charge of the group. They benefit from full access to the plenary sessions with the other EURODOC participants. Representatives from regional film funds or regional TV channels may attend as observers. During this one-week workshop, the participants will be provided with a deep insight into the European documentary production sector and the different possibilities for co-operation and co-production.

Selected participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive in-depth feedback and advice from an experienced producer and tutor;
  • Access the EURODOC Plenary Sessions and Master classes organised during the week of the workshop;
  • Attend EURODOC Case Studies organised during the week of the workshop and followed by extended Q&As on the production process of the films and their distribution;
  • Network with European and international documentary professionals attending the whole Eurodoc Program.


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