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Executives' Seminar

The EURODOC Executives' Seminar was established to create a meeting space to reinforce exchange, transmission and reflection about the tasks of Commissioning Executives and the development of documentaries and the field's professionals.

Lead during several years by Erkki ASTALA, head of co-productions at YLE Television (Finland) and Thierry GARREL, Former Head of the Documentary Programme Unit at ARTE France, these two one-week seminars offered a unique opportunity for open-minded discussion on facilitating the creation and dissemination of documentaries.

It has now become a one day meeting platform taking place during the third session.

Together, commissioning editors from public broadcasters discuss the role of television and creative documentary for the civil society in the digital era, today and in the near future. How can public television be developed so as to enhance new possibilities of collaboration? This reflection may help towards creating a new generation of commissioning editors and funders aware of the ongoing changes in the documentary sector.

Executives' Seminar 2018
Executives' Seminar 2017

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